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Construction Series

Construction Series

Our Construction Series educational courses are designed to ensure that our member companies have a thorough knowledge of best practices in the industry. Our extensive course selection, specially designed for the Commercial construction sector, provides you with access to relevant courses, delivered by industry experts. Many of our course offerings are aligned with the Gold Seal standard as set out by the Canadian Construction Association.

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Project Management
The most attended course is designed to provide owners, managers, estimators and field personnel with the knowledge of the process of planning and controlling a project from beginning to end utilizing ways and means of monitoring, saving and controlling costs. 

Construction Estimating
This course is designed to learn how to develop and submit a construction bid. This is accomplished through a series of real world, hands-on exercises to understand the key issues at each stage of the estimating and bid process. 

Construction Law
This course is designed to teach and familiarize owners, managers, supervisors and project managers with construction contracts and contract law, liabilities and responsibilities both in the office and field, compiling and submitting proper extras and claims, and ways and means for leaders to avoid conflict. 

Site Leadership
Would you like to improve your construction site leadership skills? Participants will enhance their ability to build a collaborative team culture with their staff, improve job site productivity and complete projects on time, on budget, and safely.

Blueprint Reading
Knowing how to navigate through construction blueprints is a vital skill. This course focuses on how to read blueprints and specifications, tolerances, dimensions and terminology.

Construction 101 & Beyond
This course is designed to help Generals, Trade contractors, Buyers of Construction Services, Architectural and Engineering firms, new and existing administrative staff, become more knowledgeable about the basics of the construction industry. Learn the ins and outs of the industry including contracts, insurance and bonding. 

Supervisor Training Program – Open Circle
Designed for foremen or other supervisory staff in the construction industry, the Supervisor Training Program teaches valuable skills such as time management, communication skills and how to maintain productivity. The program consists of in-class instruction and on-the-job assignments.

Getting Paid & Managing Cash Flow

In this half-day workshop the Payment Process in Standard Contracts (CCDC-2 Stipulated Price Contract, CCA-1
Stipulated Price Subcontract, CCA-19 Stipulated Price Sub-Subcontract) will be reviewed along with contract
language from non-standard contracts which can delay payment.

CCA Sub-Contracts – Understanding Sub-Contractor Contracts

This is a half-day workshop on the various CCA Sub-Contracts with an emphasis on the roles and
responsibilities of the Contractor, the Sub-Contractor and the Sub-Sub Contractor.

Field Productivity

Contractor success depends heavily on the field production of tradespeople. Lead towards
efficiency and start seeing improvements to your bottom line. This seminar will define Field Productivity, discuss
the effects of low Field Productivity, and outline approaches to increasing Field Productivity.

LEAN Awareness Workshops
These workshops dig into the principles of Lean and thoroughly explore the relevance of both the philosophy and methodology of Lean in the construction world. Additional workshops include: Leaning up the Office & Lean Design and Pre-Construction.

Construction Industry Ethics
This course can help your employees navigate the ethical grey areas they face everyday. It has been designed to help you understand ethics as it relates to the construction industry. Effective January, 2017, the Canadian Construction Association/Buildforce Ethics (both e-learning and classroom) has been mandated by Gold Seal as an education requirement for anyone taking their Gold Seal exam. As a pre-requisite to taking the classroom course, you will need to have completed the e-learning course.

Buildforce Canada – e-learning Courses
The RDCA is a distributor of Buildforce Canada e-learning courses available to our members at reduced prices. Courses include: Ethics, Confined Space, Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, Introduction to BIM and much more. Contact the RDCA office to register for these classes.