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RDCA Initiatives

Learning About Trades and Technology Education (LATTE )


Create a consistent, ongoing and collaborative partnership with the educational facilities in Central Alberta and industry to inform, make aware, and open doors for potential opportunities through information sessions, hands-on seminars and on-site exploration.

The intent of this program is focused on the school teachers/instructors, councilors, etc. to have them gain exposure to the construction industry through on-site, hands-on experience.

This follows the outcomes that came from the Regional Roundtable that took place in Red Deer in November of 2014. The RDCA has partnered with the local high schools and industry over the past year to bring try a trade opportunities to the students.

The RDCA is working closely with our educational partners to develop an overall industry experience that includes try a trades, student and teacher on-site explorations, teacher education and industry input into curriculum.


  • 1 day minimum commitment from both industry partners and teachers to ensure exposure to both field and office applications would be effectively covered.
  • The program will be available at the High School level, but we want to ensure with the introduction of CTF (Career and Technology Foundations – late elementary and middle school) that they are made available to this as well. The school division felt this was a critical connection piece for the new curriculum design ensuring students are exposed to as many opportunities and community partners at an earlier age leading into the high school years.
  • The CTS Coordinator from the Division, and the RDCA will work on measures as to how the program is working.

Who is the Target Audience?

The target group will be CTS (Career & Technology Studies)/CTF (Career & Technology Foundations) Instructors, Shop instructors, Career Councilors, from both the High/Middle Schools.
How will costs be covered? (Proposed)

The Red Deer Construction Association as well as the School Division will cover the costs of running this program.
Who will ensure all the components of the program are looked after (ie. Safety)? (Proposed)

RDCA will be arranging to get everyone the proper PPE.
RDCA and the Construction Company will also work with WCB to have teachers covered while on site.
RDCA will work to arrange set up of teachers completing CSTS (if required).
We may consider using some video of the training.
What are the components of the program?

Participants select their trade preference and placements are arranged by the RDCA for construction trades.
The RDCA will coordinate with the company and the instructor to arrange dates of each placement.
The RDCA will follow up after with the Company and Instructor and will have both complete evaluations.

Access the LATTE Documents

LATTE Program Overview

LATTE Application – Teacher