Buildworks Canada

Providing Business Opportunity in Central Alberta

The RDCA understands the importance of our member’s bottom lines.  We are committed to providing industry specific opportunities for our members.  We offer access to Alberta’s choice for procurement opportunity through Buildworks Canada, On Demand and the new electronic bidding platform – Etegri.  With over 5,000 projects posted on an annual basis, members receive the most up to date tendering bid information the covers Western Canada.


Buildworks Canada

Buildworks Canada is the largest public access plan room for construction opportunities, project tendering, and online bidding across Western Canada. Buildworks Canada is working with all stakeholders in Construction to build a single source for construction procurement and information from Alberta through to Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  We strive to create better access to opportunities across Western Canada, and to provide sensible tools that create clarity and efficiency in the construction procurement process.

Buildworks Canada provides Industry access to more than 5,000 publicly tendered construction projects annually, including pre-bid, pre-qualification notices and bid results. Members have access to password protected bidders lists, online plans, specifications, and addenda.

Buildworks Canada is the online plans room for construction associations in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba and includes features such as:

  • Specifically designed for construction tender document management.
  • 24/7 access to all plans, specifications, addenda, and bidders lists.
  • Email notifications of recently issued projects and addenda.
  • A resource for Owners, Architects, Engineers, General Contractors, Trade Contractors, Manufacturers & Suppliers, and Allied Professionals.
  • Document annotation and markup tools.

By posting projects in the online plans room, owners, architects, and engineers can securely share their projects and receive the best possible bids from the construction industry.

Projects are posted at all stages of development and range from large to small in size. All types of tenders are posted including Invitation to Bid, RFQ, RFP, Design-Build, Request for Trades, etc.

Contractors are able to view any posted project in any region if they are a member of one of the construction associations. Also, anyone can create a non-member account on COOLNet, but non-members will pay a $75 fee for each project that they need to access.

If you want your project privately available to only those companies that you invite, this can be done through On Demand, which is fully integrated with Buildworks Canada.

To learn more about Buildworks Canada, please visit the Buildworks website.

On Demand

On Demand is your new private plan room for project tendering with full integration into the existing Buildworks Canada site.  With Buildworks and On Demand you can now source new project information, and tender your projects privately or publicly from the same location.   On Demand features include a Mail Center, painless document management, Audit Trail and Intention to Bid reporting that will streamline and maximize your project tendering process.  No more chasing trades for responses. No more missed addendums.  No more complicated and expensive FTP or File Sharing platforms.

A full project Audit trail will document all of your communication as well as trade/supplier activity on the project.  Complete transparency to all activity occurring within your tender.  Lastly the Intention to Bid report will give your team the ability to track and manage trade responses and ensure you have great coverage early in the tendering process.

On Demand minimizes the time spent delivering your project information, ensuring accuracy and providing timely reports for your project owners.  Looking to expand your company’s geographical footprint?  Use the COOLNet public directory to increase your trade and supplier coverage in new regions across the province.  This directory gives your company access to the 6,000+ active Buildworks users and LCA members across Alberta.  These are just a few of the benefits On Demand can provide, and don’t take it from me, here’s what some current users had to say.

“The Audit Tool saved us”

“It’s way faster than our old FTP system”

“I can post a project in less than ten minutes”

“we saved over $65,000 last year using On Demand”

Etegri Logo

Etegri – Electronic Bidding

Etegri is new to the marketplace but will soon become front and center as the online bidding & bonding software of choice for owners of construction across Western Canada.  Owners can publish projects directly to Buildworks Canada, ensuring maximum visibility to interested bidders in the province.  Bid forms are fully customizable to your specific needs, and courier costs are removed from construction procurement with Etegri’s Online Bonding tool.  Etegri ensures 100% compliancy in all bids as bidders simply can’t submit a non-compliant proposal.  Bid tabulation is instantaneous and 100% accurate at the moment of bid closing.  Take back control of your procurement process and enjoy the time and cost savings your organization will benefit from by utilizing online bidding through Etegri & Buildworks Canada.

Users of Buildworks Canada will never require another username and password to bid, tender, or search for construction opportunities across Western Canada.

As a member of your Local Construction Association, you own a part of Buildworks.  We all improve it together and ensure that it meets everyone’s needs.  If Buildworks isn’t meeting your organizations needs please let me know so I can work to improve it for you, and for the construction industry as a whole.  We look forward to helping your company achieve its goals through Buildworks Canada and its powerful new tools, On Demand, and Etegri.



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